Friday, January 4, 2013

Spotted! Pregnant Kim Kardashian in Lululemon

A pregnant Kim Kardashian spotted on her way to the gym wearing a Lululemon "Define" Jacket in black. This jacket has been a staple item from Lulu, too bad they discontinued it!

Kim Kardashian set some time aside Wednesday for a trip to the gym to keep herself healthy and in shape.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Run Top Speed Bra & Crane Crop

RUN:Top Speed Bra
Run: Top Speed Bra
Crane Crop
Crane Crop

PISH Devotion Tees

I was browsing the Canadian Lululemon site to check out what they uploaded and found two items in Pink Shell that the US side doesn't have:

Devotion LS Tee
Devotion Long Sleeve Tee
Devotion SS Tee
Devotion Short Sleeve Tee

New Year, New Upload

Lululemon came out with an early upload today and there's a couple of new items along with a new color: mint moment.

Pump It Up Tank
New Pump it up Tank $68
Pump it up Pant
New Pump it up Pant $92
Work It Out Tank
New Work it Out Tank $58
RUN:Pump It Up Short
New Pump it Up Short $68
Power Y Tank
Power Y Tank*Luon Light $52
Do It Up Duffel
New Do it Up Duffle $148
RUN:Inspire Crop II
Run: Inspire Crop II $86
RUN:Swiftly Tech LS
Run: Swiftly Tech Longsleeve $68
Scuba Hoodie*Stretch
Scuba Stretch Hoodie $108
No Limits Tank
No Limits Tank $64
Astro Wunder Under Crop
Astro Wunder Under Crop $74
RUN:Speed Short
Run Speed Short $54
Groove Pant*Slim*R
Groove Pant $98
Gather & Crow Crop
Gather & Grow Crop $78
RUN:Swiftly Racerback
Run: Swiftly tech racerback $48
Cool Racerback
Cool Racerback $42
Daily Yoga Jacket
Daily Yoga Jacket $148
RUN:Swiftly Tech SS
Run: Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve $58
RUN:Chase Me Skirt
Run: Chase Me Skirt $68
Groove Short*R
Reverse Groove Short $48
Flow Y Bra IV
Flow Y Bra IV $42
Free To Be Bra
Free to Be Bra $42
Cardio Kick Bra
New: Cardio Kick Bra $48
Boogie Short
Boogie Short $42
RUN:Groovy Run Short Quilt #33
Groovy Run Short $54

Eternal Legwarmers are back!

For those who live in the cold weather states and who were longing for the eternal legwarmers, I've got great news for you. Lululemon brought them back! Right now they are available in black, mint moment, and flare/inkwell for $48.00

P.S. I think you should stick to the classic black rather than risk looking like tiger.

New: Light Flare/Inkwell

The Halloween color scheme I mentioned in the previous post is apparently called "light flare/inkwell." I don't know who would buy such an ugly color.

Below is the new Pump It Up Tank. It looks promising. For $68 you get a tank plus a bra.