Thursday, May 23, 2013

Review: Victoria's Secret VSX Sport Panty

I have been searching for the perfect workout underwear that not only conceals visible panty lines but also one that is comfortable and stays in place during an intense workout. I have tried several Lululemon panties (all a waste of $18 each), panties from Zobha, Commando, Nike, Underarmour, Moving Comfort and even Victoria's Secret Pink and VSX. I have not been satisfied with any of them until now. I think I have found the perfect workout underwear for me. I am picky when it comes to underwear and I cannot wear thongs or cheeky panties while working out. Having full coverage is a must so I was happy to find that the Victoria's Secret VSX line had new panties out called the "No show Sport Hiphugger." These panties are seamless, wicks away sweat really quick and are very comfortable. I have used these while rowing, running, biking, on the stair master and on the AMT machine and the entire time it stayed in place. I was so pleased that I forgot it was there! I am usually conscious about my workout panties because they are either hiking up my bum or I would need to run to the ladies room to "readjust" my panties. I am so glad to have found these and I am going to stock up on them! Just like Lululemon, Victoria's Secret tends to phase out or discontinue styles and colors. At $12.50 per piece or $33 for 3 panties, it is a steal!

Here is the link to them:

I bought the black, neon pink and taupe plum. Here's a comparison of the neon pink VSX No show Hiphugger and the Lululemon Energy Bra in Pinkelicious. The colors are similar with Pinkelicious being a little brighter. 

Pinkelicious Energy Bra top. VSX No Show Hiphugger bottom.

Close up comparison of Pinkelicious and neon pink

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