Sunday, May 26, 2013

Review: Xersion Racerback (Lululemon CRB Dupe)

I love my CRBs from Lulu as much as the next gal but I like to have variety in my closet especially with the recent decline in Lululemon's quality and escalating prices. I have found a similar tank from Xersion by JC Penney. The fabric is soft, dries quickly but it is thinner than Lulu's CRBs. The length of the Xersion tank is a tad shorter but I am not exactly tall to begin with so this aspect does not bother me (FYI they do carry "Tall" versions of the tank). I have used these tanks running and I had no issues of it riding up. I have had these for several weeks now and have not experienced any quality issues yet. I do wish the fabric was a little more thicker but for $10, I cannot complain. I should note that although the fabric is thinner than Lulu's regular CRBs, the tank is NOT sheer.

If you do not have a JC Penny near you, you can buy the Xersion Racerback Singlet here and here. It comes in Misses, Petites and Talls.

Xersion Long Singlet Tank in Tilandsia Purple can be purchased here

Xersion Racerback Singlet in Bachelor Button
Xersion Sizzling Pink Racerback

Sizzling pink compared to Pinkelicious

Xersion fabric content

Xersion tag

Xersion Neon Berry tank and Sizzling Pink

Xersion Charcoal Tank (Size Small) compared to Lululemon's Pig Pink CRB (Size 8)

Back comparison