Monday, August 5, 2013

UPLOAD! Lots of cute NEW items!

The Lululemon website is very slow right now! There are a lot of cute items that have been uploaded. Check out my favorites:

105 F Singlet
105 f Singlet
Bliss Break Hoodie
Bliss Break Hoodie
Cool Racerback
CRB in hyper stripe raspberry glo and plum
Cool Racerback
CRB in midnight iris
Tuck and Flow longsleeve in slalom stripe angel wing
Run:Speed Short
Speed Shorts in sea check multi/plum
Run:Speed Short
Speed Shorts in raspberry glo light/pow stripe raspberry glo light
Run:Inspire Crop II
Inspire crops in plum and raspberry glo light
Scuba Hoodie*Stretch
Scuba hoodie in midnight iris