Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lululemon Yoga Pants Recall: Publicity stunt?

There have been several reports from customers that they have been turned away after contacting GEC for a refund of the sheer yoga pants which were recalled recently. GEC told one customer that it's "normal" for some of the pants to have "some sheer" to it. Another customer was told that her pants were not part of the recall even though Lululemon has not given a definite and clear answer as to what pants are being recalled. So is this recall a ploy to garner more attention to the brand? Or is there really a recall of their yoga pants? As a loyal customer of Lululemon, it is insulting to me that the company chooses to mock their customers rather than improving their products and providing good customer service. Here's some latest photos uploaded by Lululemon shops across the country:

Window display from Lululemon Downtown Robson Street in Vancouver, BC
Window display from Lululemon Ste Catherine in Montreal, QC

Window display at Lululemon Boulder, Colorado

So what do you think? Funny or insulting?