Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review: Victoria's Secret Studio Tank (Swiftly Tank Dupe)

I used to buy Victoria's Secret Sports Bra all the time before I discovered Lululemon. Now, Energy Bras are my go to sports bras. I do not like Victoria's Secret's VSX line for tanks and tops because the fabric always felt cheap and flimsy. Today, I was in the store to buy more VSX panties when I decided to look around at their new VSX line. They had some new tanks that were similar to Lululemon's No Limits Tank but again the fabric wasn't up to par. However, something displayed on the table caught my eye. They were tanks identical to Lululemon's Swiftly Tanks!

I was just in my local Lululemon today to try on the swiftly tank in raspberry glo but I felt that the fabric was too thin and based on the reviews, the fabric snags really easy. I was glad I did not buy the swiftly tank because Victoria's Secret Studio Tank is made of so much better quality fabric. The fit is similar and the fabric is thicker but has the same softness that the swiftly tank has. I was pleased to find a VSX Studio Tank that is a similar color to Bordeaux Drama. I tested out the tank for a run as soon as I got home and I the fabric felt light and dreamy. I was cool for my entire 5k run and the tank dried fairly quickly. I was impressed! As much as I love Lulu, I wish they would listen to their customer's opinions and stop raising their prices for sub par quality products. The Studio Tank from VSX is only $39.50 and it comes in several colors. Here is the link to the tank online. They don't have the Bordeaux Drama color online but you might find it in your local store. The last photo is a comparison of my Lululemon Catch me Tank in Bordeaux Drama and the VSX Studio Tank.

The Studio Tanks on display