Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lululemon Sale Haul!

I have not been this excited to shop at Lululemon since the Boxing Sale right after Christmas but this past weekend my store had 3 sales racks with great deals! I was able to score some great items for a very low price. Check out your local store and see what deals they have! I would not advise to order online from the "We Made Too Much" section if you have a store nearby as the deals in store are deeply discounted compared to the prices online.

Here's what I scored:
♥ No Limits Tank in Beaming Blue Laceoflage - $19 $64
♥ No Limits Tank in Black and Chevron print - $29 $64
♥ Run: Back on Track Tank in Beaming Blue Laceoflage - $19 $64
♥ Daily Yoga Jacket in Reversible Denim Slub/Polar Haze - $49 $126
♥ Warm up Crew pullover in Ocean Striped Bleached Coral/Pop Orange - $29 $98
♥ Warm up Crew pullover in White/Dune - $29 $98

There were a lot of other items there as well such as Cool Racerbacks (Clarity Yellow, Striped Frond and Beaming Blue Laceoflage), Bonded Groovy Shorts (all in black), Forme Jackets (in that ugly striped flare color), Run: Pace Tanks, Reverse Groove Shorts (various colors) and I was surprised to find some Groove Pants marked down to $59! Unfortunately, they didn't have any Groove Pants in my size in the sales rack.

Overall, I was happy with my purchases. I love the No limits Tanks and the Run Back on Track tanks (my favorite running tanks). The Warm up Crew pullover I wouldn't have paid full price for nor the Daily Yoga Jacket. The Warm up Crew pullover is great for my early morning runs and my evening runs but I could not justify spending $98 for it or even the price of $49 on the We Made Too Much section of the site. I don't think that the Daily Yoga Jacket is worth $126, it's an okay jacket but the fitting isn't great. However at $49, I could use this to and from the gym!