Sunday, April 14, 2013

New items in Aquamarine, We Are From Space, Parfait Pink and Beach Blanket Blue coming soon!

Lululemon's Blog just posted some new sneek peaks for upcoming items.

(1)Speed Shorts in Aquamarine, (7) Fly Away Tamer headband in Aquamarine

(1) We are from Space Speed Shorts

(1) Speed shorts in Parfait pink and a new yellow color (3)Mula Bandhawear Bikini in Parfait Pink (4)Run: Tame me Tank in a new yellow color

(1) Run Speed Shorts in Beach Blanket Blue (2) Women's Ultimate Padded Run Sock in Beach Blanket Blue (4)Swiftly Tech Longsleeve in Beach Blanket Blue (6) Light as Air thong in Beach Blanket Blue