Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Love the new color Pinkelicious! Here's all the items in Pinkelicious that came out during the upload.

Energy Bra
Pinkelicious Energy Bra
RUN:Mile A Minute Tank
New Run: Mile a Minute Tank in Pinkelicious
RUN:Swiftly Tech V Neck
Run: Swiftly Tech V Neck
Forme Jacket
Forme Jacket in Pinkelicious. Wish this was a define
RUN:Pace-Setter Skirt*T
Pace Setter skirt in Pinkelicious
RUN:Pace Tight
Run: Pace Tight in Pinkelicious
Wunder Under Pant*RVRS
Wunder Under Pant (Reversible) Pinkelicious/Pink Parfait
Groovy Run Short
Groovy Run Short
Fly Away Tamer Headband
Fly Away Tamer Headband