Thursday, April 11, 2013

What quality control Lulu?

I went to my local store today to try on some new running crops they put out. I love the color pink and I was excited that Lulu came out with Pinkelicious. I tried on both the Run: Pace Crop and Beach Runner Crops in Pinkelicious. The Pace Crop was very sheer and the fabric was really thin. I loved how comfortable the Beach Runner Crops were and loved the fabric. I didn't do the "bend over" test as I was going to use them for running and not for any other type of activity requiring me to bend. The crops did not look sheer in the dressing room. I was shopping alone so I couldn't ask anyone's opinion if the crops were sheer or not outside the dressing room. When I got home I tried on the crops and was horrified with what I saw in the mirror; the crops were VERY SHEER. So much for Lululemon's "quality control." What a load of crap. I really wanted a good pair of cute running crops for summer and was upset of how sheer the crops were. They were comfortable but the crops were sheer and you could see everything while standing in natural light.

Besides the sheerness, I also found a couple of snags in the fabric that I did not see in store. This shouldn't be happening for a pair of crops that cost $88. I will be returning these and looking elsewhere to purchase running crops. It seems like every pair of crops and pants that Lululemon has put out is complete crap. When will Christine Day be fired?